Clearly Accountable

County auditors often work behind the scenes, so you may be unaware of the important work they do on your behalf. County auditors keep the taxpayers' checkbook. They scrutinize every spending request to make sure that your tax dollars are spent exactly as intended by law. In addition county auditors independently appraise home values to ensure that the property taxes you pay are fair and equitable.
  • Protecting your Interests
    Protecting your Interests
    As billpayer-in-chief, your county auditor approves or rejects county agencies’ check requests to make sure that your tax dollars are spent properly....
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  • Why Independence Matters
    Why Independence Matters
    You may wonder why voters elect a county auditor to serve as the chief fiscal officer. Wouldn’t county government by more efficient...
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  • Taxpayer Victories
    Taxpayer Victories
    Elected county auditors are accountable to the taxpayers. Here’s how they’ve stopped wasteful spending. Holding businesses accountable In 2001, a City granted...
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Your Home. Your Value.

It’s been said that “understanding is half the battle”—and when it comes to understanding the home valuation process, the goal of the County Auditor is to make it simple and straightforward so you, the homeowner, can be both well informed and well educated.