As billpayer-in-chief, your county auditor approves or rejects county agencies’ check requests to make sure that your tax dollars are spent properly. Your county auditor sees to it that federal and local taxes are distributed where they should go – to support schools, libraries, parks, seniors, and other services that you care about.

We keep the checkbook

Your county auditor is the county’s bookkeeper, producing financial reports for local, state and federal government that elected officials use to make decisions about spending priorities.

We appraise real estate

It is the county auditor’s duty to appraise the value of every home and business to ensure that your property taxes are fair based on the tax rate authorized by the voters in your county.

What we don’t do

A common misconception arising from our title is that the County Auditor has the responsibility to “audit” the financial activities of other county offices. Although the Auditor’s Office examines requests for payments of bills for compliance with public purposes, and audits payroll to policies or union contracts, state law doesn’t grant the County Auditor any authority to audit the internal financial management activities of any other county office, including cash on hand. Those duties are assigned by law to the Auditor of State.