The Association was founded in 1867 for the express purpose of promoting and protecting the interests of taxpayers in the State of Ohio and improving the administration of county government.

In addition to providing educational opportunities to County Auditors, the CAAO works closely with the Ohio General Assembly to offer legislative initiatives to assist County Auditors in carrying out their duties.


CAAO membership is divided into two categories: Regular members and Business Partner members.

Regular Membership

Regular membership is limited to County Auditors and duly appointed Deputy Auditors. For counties having charter forms of government, regular membership shall be offered to the individual serving in the capacity of Chief Fiscal Officer, Chief Assessor, or that individual’s designee for such counties.

Business Partner Membership

Business Partner membership is established for individuals/organizations who wish to be a part of the County Auditors’ Association, but who are not employed in a County Auditor’s office as the Auditor or as a Deputy Auditor.   This membership program is a vital component of the CAAO. Business Partners contribute greatly to the success of the association.


The statewide officers of the CAAO are President, Vice President, Second Vice President, Third Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer.

The CAAO is divided into four districts: Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest. Each district elects their own officers on an annual basis, President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer.

Districts generally meet monthly or bimonthly to conduct the business of the Association and to provide educational opportunities to their members.

Statewide Officers are elected at the business meeting of the Winter Conference.  Except for the office of Secretary/Treasurer, all officers serve one year terms, while the Secretary/Treasurer serves a two-year term.

On a rotating basis every year, one of the districts elects from their membership someone to serve as Statewide Third Vice President of the CAAO. The Secretary/Treasurer is nominated and elected from the floor at the business meeting of the Winter Conference in even-numbered years.

The following year, unless successfully challenged, the Second Vice President succeeds to Vice President and the Third Vice President succeeds to Second Vice President, and then subsequently to the Presidency.

This system provides for continuity for the Association and allows for smooth transitions from one year to the next while providing for a democratic election process. Each district is represented by an Association officer.


There are three committees in the CAAO Constitution to which each district appoints members.

The Executive Committee consists of four regular members from each district appointed by the District President on an annual basis. The Executive Committee is charged with consideration of all the business of and activities of the CAAO.

The Legislative Committee, also appointed by the District President, consists of four regular members from each district appointed in odd-numbered years to serve two year terms coinciding with the term of the Ohio General Assembly. The Legislative Committee is responsible for the consideration of legislation that impacts county government in general and the County Auditor in specific. The Committee takes positions regarding legislation and members are called upon to testify before committees of the Ohio General Assembly. The CAAO retains the services of legislative counsel to assist in formulating legislative policy and monitoring legislative activity.

The Conference Planning Committee consists of the Third Vice President, as chair, and four regular members, one from each district. The Conference Planning Committee is charged with the responsibility for the planning of, but not limited to, the Winter Conference, Summer Conference, New Auditors’ Seminar, and any other seminars associated with continuing education requirements. All site selections shall be made by the Conference Planning and Education Committee.

A number of standing committees are appointed annually by the President. These committees include: Agriculture, Property Tax and Valuation, Financials and Weights and Measures and others. In addition, the President may appoint special committees as the need arises.


The CAAO convenes for two conferences each year to provide continuing education opportunities for County Auditors.

The Summer Conference takes place in the home district of the CAAO President during that year, usually in June.

The Winter Conference takes place in central Ohio.  The Winter Conference includes the election and installation of officers.


County Auditors are required by law to complete at least twenty-four hours of continuing education per term. Sixteen hours must be completed during the first year of the term of office and at least two hours of ethics and substance abuse education must be included. The CAAO is charged with approval of courses as well as record keeping. The CAAO bylaws require forty-eight hours of education per term. Continuing education topics include real estate valuation, financial reporting, technology solutions, detecting theft in office, and personnel issues. County Auditors who complete 100 or more hours of continuing education during their term of office receive the Distinguished County Auditor Award.