Data Processing

The Auditor is responsible for the management of the County Data Processing Center and serves as the Chief Administrator of the Automatic Data Processing Board. Changes in computer systems and planning must be approved by the Board to automate various county functions. Improving financial and record keeping systems of the county will improve services, reduce costs and provide county officials with a modern management tool to better administer the business of government

Vendor Licensing

There are only two types of vendor’s licenses as of September 1, 2012: County and Transient. A County Vendor’s License is required for selling taxable goods or services at a fixed location of business, a part of which is returned for use on the local level.  A Transient Vendor’s License is for the sale of goods at various shows and markets throughout the state of Ohio.

House Bill 508 has recently changed the rules for needing a Transient Vendor’s license so that the County Vendor’s license applies in more situations than previously.

Vendor’s licenses are used for the collection of state sales tax. Vendors who have previously obtained Service or Delivery Vendor’s Licenses do not have to purchase new vendor’s licenses, and can file their sales taxes normally. This change affects only new vendor’s license purchases.

Cigarette License

Anyone who sells or transports cigarettes within Ohio must obtain a yearly Cigarette Dealer’s License.

Retail Dealer’s Cigarette Licenses are available from the County Auditor’s Office. Wholesale Cigarette Dealer’s Licenses are only available from the Ohio Department of Taxation.

Licenses are to be renewed annually between the 3rd Monday in April and the 3rd Monday in June.

Licenses are good for a one-year period that runs from the 4th Monday in May to the 4th Monday of May the next year. Once issued, the license number and the information about the business establishment are permanently filed in the county’s records.

Budget Commission

The Auditor is the permanent Secretary of the Budget Commission which also includes the County Treasurer and the Prosecutor. It is the responsibility of the Commission to annually review the tax budgets of all taxing districts within the county and to determine that all tax levies are properly authorized and allocated to local governments and libraries.

Board of Revision

The Auditor is the permanent Secretary of the Board of Revision which also includes the County Treasurer and the President of the Board of Commissioners. It is the responsibility of the Board of Revision to rule on property assessment prior to the issuance of the real estate tax list. Property valuation complaints are also heard.

County Auditors’ Additional Duties

  • Tax Incentive Review Council – Member
  • Records Commission – Member
  • Data Processing Board – Secretary, Administrator
  • Microfilm Board – Member
  • Tax Incentive Review Council – Chair