Some homeowners may wonder when it is appropriate to provide feedback about their valuation.

Some of the questions to consider are:

  • Do you feel an error has been made in your appraisal?
  • Do you feel that the appraised value of the property is more than what the property would sell for?
  • Do you feel the appraisal missed something when your home was reviewed that might lower the valuation?

Homeowners that have questions or concerns about their valuation have the opportunity to provide feedback to a county representative to discuss their valuation and request that changes be made.

Property owners can appeal informally or formally. The informal hearings allow homeowners to meet with the appraiser and correct any mistakes or raise any questions. This informal process saves you time and money by not going to court. Property owners also have a formal appeal route that can serve their needs as well. Either avenue leads to fair play for property owners.